Depending on international health regulations #enerthon20 will take place virtual or physical in any case
Datathon in Energy
Paris & Berlin 2020

The Power of Data UnLEASHED

What is the #enerthon20

#enerthon20 will take place for the first time from 19.10.-17.11.2020 in Paris (start) and Berlin (final parallel to the dena Energy system transformation congress).

Effective and digital challenges in the areas of gas/heat, electricity, alternative fuels, municipal utilities and critical infrastructure will be solved by teams within four weeks of coding and business case analysis.
Highly qualified and professional teams and individuals must apply two months in advance.

The #enerthon20 is part of the dena energiewende congress 2020

Covid-19 has shown that new, decentralized forms of cooperation not only offer flexibility and the integration of specialists as needed, but also advantages for a crisis-proof and stable company organization, especially in the area of critical infrastructure. This is exactly where comes in.

#enerthon20 Goals

For today's data-driven challenges of energy companies, professional teams with professional experience have to develop functional prototypes in a competition from 19.10.-17.11.2020 and present them to a jury for subsequent implementation in the companies.

Professional data specialists, business economists, lawyers and other interested parties from large and small energy suppliers and network operators in the electricity and gas sector, from the mobility sector and data companies.

Parallel to the DENA Energiewendekongress 2020, it can be shown to the public that the partners from industry and administration are really interested in actively searching for digital solutions for an energy transition today.

#enerthon20 Needs

Unstructured and unlinkeddata silos andnsecure, sensitive information in large and small energy companies and transmission system operators.

Identification/development of a secure infrastructure.

Challenge e.g. for municipal energy suppliers to understand secure data as a value.

Lack of resources and difficult access to experts to exploit this treasure.

The demand for highly qualified data scientists and data analysts is already enormous and will continue to grow in the future.

Hardly any access to experts through normal recruiting events and existing working time and salary models not interesting.

Apply now

#enerthon20 Potential Categories

Smart City
Rural areas and cross-border supply
Smart Grid

Gas / Heat

e.g. anticipatory network control of district heating in production

Electricity / Grid

e.g. control of decentralized power grids

Alternative Engines

e.g. intelligent, green hydrogen production

Municipal Utilities

e.g. anticipatory network control oe.g. identification of data silos for resource-saving infrastructure controlf district heating in production

Critical infrastructure

e.g. Smart Rights Management of sensitive data

#enerthon20 Potential Participants

Sponsor Teams

Cross-departmental teams of sponsors who think outside the box and are open to digital and new ways of working

Energy Engineers

Engineers who know about energy and infrastructure responsibility. DLT and AI expertise is highly valued.

Not a developer, engineer or a designer, but your magic touch will bring projects to life, for example in social business.


Not a developer, engineer or a designer, but your magic touch will bring projects to life, for example in social business.


You' re the "Crocodile Dundee" of the legal jungle - you see the digital and energy legal pitfalls for new business ideas.

Data Scientists

You and your data have a long story to tell. A virtuoso who conjures with databases and adds a little AI.


Encoders who are familiar with the responsibility in terms of energy and data. DLT and AI know-how is highly valued.


Who would use this solution? They have all the answers to get the product to market and the business spirit to do so.

Idea Generators

You unleash the creation with your original ideas and understand the problem at hand.

UX/UI Designer

With your skillful hands, you can give dashboards and apps clarity and style.

Networking Partners and Sponsors

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